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Maxion Therapeutics’ Breakthrough Science and Innovation Recognised in PwC UK’s Life Sciences Future50 list

19 October 2023

John McCafferty at the PwC launch event

Cambridge, UK – Maxion Therapeutics has been featured in PwC UK’s new Life Sciences Future50 list, which aims to shine a spotlight on the transformational science and innovation pioneered by UK life science companies. The list, compiled in a recently-published report, recognises Maxion’s breakthrough science and points of differentiation, as well as the excellent track record and scientific achievement of our co-founders, CEO Dr John McCafferty and CSO Dr Aneesh Karatt Vellatt. To create the list, PwC UK screened data for relevant UK-based businesses that raised private financing of USD $10 million in aggregate and had a funding event since 2018. An assessment framework was then applied to attain a shortlist of 190 companies, focused on impact potential, breakthrough science and innovation, differentiation, and maturity. The final list of 50 companies was then selected from the shortlist based upon scoring and cross-review to ensure representation from multiple sub-sectors and therapeutic areas.

John McCafferty, Co-founder and CEO, Maxion Therapeutics, commented:

“The UK punches above its weight in terms of its contribution in antibody engineering technologies. This started with the development of monoclonal antibody technology in the 1970s through to the advances achieved by myself and others at Cambridge Antibody Technology and MRC-LMB in the 1990s with the development of phage display technology. Maxion continues this innovative tradition with our focus on generating “first-in-class”drugs targeting medically- relevant ion channels. We are delighted that this has been recognised through the PwC Life Sciences Future 50 listing.”

Dr John McCafferty

Aneesh Karatt Vellatt, Co-founder and CSO, Maxion Therapeutics, said:

“It’s great to have our approach of unlocking intractable drug targets through nature-inspired technological solutions specifically acknowledged in the Life Sciences Future50 list. Dysfunctions in ion channels and GPCRs underlie numerous debilitating diseases, and our innovative KnotBody® technology, by effectively addressing the longstanding obstacles in targeting these complex proteins, holds the promise to bring about transformative changes in the lives of patients."

Dr Aneesh Karatt Vellatt

maxion team

Maxion Therapeutics team.

At Maxion we are applying our patented KnotBody technology to generate potent, selective, and long-acting antibody-like drugs. KnotBody technology combines the benefits of naturally occurring mini-proteins, which have ion channel modulating activity, with antibodies, using state-of-the-art phage and mammalian display technologies. The resulting fusion protein, which combines the drug-like benefits of both molecules, helps address key challenges in ion channel and GPCR drug discovery. Our lead KnotBody programme is progressing rapidly towards preclinical development with first-in-class and best-in-class potential. 

Dr John McCafferty (CEO and co-founder) and Dr Aneesh Karatt Vellatt (CSO and co-founder).