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Inspired by nature,
enhanced by innovation.

KnotBody® Technology

Using our revolutionary KnotBody® technology, we are creating first-in-class and best-in-class protein therapeutics for treating previously untreatable ion channel and GPCR-driven diseases.

Antibody based drugs can be a game changer


Chronic Pain


It affects ~1.5 billion people worldwide and ~64% of patients on the current pain medications are inadequately treated.



More than 300 million people worldwide suffer from autoimmune disorders.

Cardiovascular disease


Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death globally.

Ion channel and GPCR disfunction are implicated in a wide range of debilitating diseases and current treatments based on small molecule drugs suffer from poor efficacy and side effects.

Compared to small molecules, engineered antibodies offer vastly superior selectivity and are well proven therapeutically, representing 7/10 of top-selling drugs.

Despite these obvious advantages, antibody discovery against ion channel and GPCRs has been challenging.



Natural evolution meets directed evolution.


Inspired by nature

By fusing naturally occurring cysteine-rich miniproteins (‘Knottins’) into antibody binding loops, our patented KnotBody® technology combines the power of millions of years of Knottin evolution in targeting ion channels and GPCRs with state-of-the-art antibody engineering techniques, addressing key challenges in ion channel and GPCR drug discovery.


Enhanced by innovation


Potency and Selectivity

Half-life & Manufacturability


Potency & Selectivity

Half-life & manufacturability

We are leveraging this technology to deliver safe, efficacious and long-acting drugs against previously undruggable targets.


Maxion is founded by an experienced team with an excellent track record.

John McCafferty, PhD

Co-founder and CEO

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Prior to co-founding Maxion Therapeutics, John was a co-founder of Cambridge Antibody Technology (acquired by AstraZeneca) and IONTAS (acquired by FairJourney Biologics). John was an inventor of antibody phage display technology which earned the 2018 Nobel prize in chemistry (awarded to his co-inventor Sir Greg Winter). He also invented IONTAS’s proprietary Mammalian Display technology as well as Maxion’s KnotBody® technology.

Aneesh Karatt-Vellatt, PhD

Co-founder and CSO

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Ian Tomlinson, PhD


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Thomas Weaver, PhD

Non-executive Director

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